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Nitroglycerin uses

Nitroglycerin information

Nitroglycerin is a medicinal product used for the treatment and prevention of angina pectoris. It is currently considered that Nitroglycerin allows the blood vessel walls to relax and dilate, thus increasing the oxygen flow to the cardiac muscles.

Nitroglycerin indications

Nitroglycerin may be employed as a prophylactic means only against angina pectoris. Due to its slow action, this medicine is not suitable for use in the case of an acute attack. As such, your prescriber may recommend the usage of this medical product even if you are feeling well and do not have any symptoms. Also, your prescriber may advise you to use Nitroglycerin for the treatment or prevention of other medical conditions that are not listed here. If you would like to obtain more information regarding the mechanism of action or possible uses of transdermal Nitroglycerine, it is best to ask your personal health care professional or a pharmacist.

Nitroglycerin warnings

Nitroglycerin should not be used for the treatment of patients that are allergic to Nitroglycerine or to any other ingredient of this medical product. Also, allergic reactions to the adhesives used for attaching the patches to the patient's skin have been reported - Nitroglycerin should not be administered to patients that present a hypersensitivity to these adhesives.

This medicine may cause or worsen already present hypotension, especially in elderly patients. As such, special consideration should be paid to such patients that are susceptible to developing low blood pressure. Nitroglycerin should be safe to use during pregnancy and lactation; however it is best that you consult your personal health care provider to determine the risks and benefits of the therapy if you are or plan to become pregnant or if you are breast-feeding a baby.

Nitroglycerin intake guidelines

Your prescriber will provide you with a set of Nitroglycerin application guidelines, which you should closely follow in order to attain the best therapeutic effects. In some cases, the heath care professional's directions will not coincide with the following information; in such situations it is best that you follow the intake guidelines that your physician has provided.

In order to ensure proper administration of the medicine, you will need to correctly apply the Nitroglycerin patches to a clean, shaved area of skin - typically on the upper arm. Wash the area thoroughly with clean water and soap and rinse well before applying the patch. Remove any hair on the application site as it may hinder the medication delivery through the skin. Gently pat the skin dry with a soft towel and apply the Nitroglycerin patch, after removing the protective cover from the adhesive areas of the patch.

If you have any questions or if you would like further details on how to properly apply the transdermal Nitroglycerine patches, it is best to consult with your personal physician.


Nitroglycerin dosage

In most cases, the prescriber will direct a Nitroglycerin starting dose of 0.2 to 0.4 mg per hour, increasing to maintenance doses of 0.4 to 0.8 mg per hour. The applications need to be kept on the skin for 12 to 14 hours daily allowing a 10 to 12 hour patch-off period. The duration of the therapy as well as the exact dosage will depend on a number of factors specific to each patient; it is best that you closely follow your prescriber's directions. Do not stop using the Nitroglycerin patches without your physician's consent and do not employ a different dosage than you have been prescribed.

Nitroglycerin overdose

Although an overdose with Nitroglycerine is a severe condition requiring immediate medical attention, it requires large doses of the substance. The Nitroglycerin patches only contain a small concentration of Nitroglycerine and it is slowly released into the patient's organism; as such, an overdose with this medicine is highly unlikely as a result of your Nitroglycerin therapy. However, if you have any reason to believe that you may be affected by an overdose you should immediately contact the nearest poisons center or the local hospital or clinic as you may need prompt medical assistance.

Nitroglycerin missed dose

It is strongly suggested that you apply the Nitroglycerin patches at around the same time every day, according to the schedule indicated by your prescriber. This will allow you to obtain the best therapeutic effects from the treatment and will reduce the chances of forgetting about any applications. However, if you forget to use one of the patches when appropriate, it is best to apply it as soon as you remember. If it is almost time for another application, you should completely skip the missed Nitroglycerin dose and continue using the product as usual. Do not use larger doses of the medicine in order to compensate for a missed application.

Nitroglycerin side effects

In rare cases, Nitroglycerin may cause a number of adverse effects in patients following a treatment with this medical product. These may include flushing, dizziness, headaches, lightheadedness or a worsening of the angina. The side effects may be mild to severe, and should be brought to the attention of your health care specialist immediately when you begin experiencing them.

Very rarely, you may experience swelling of the face, throat, lips or tongue, breathing troubles or skin affections such as rashes or hives - these are signs of an allergic reaction to the product and you should stop using the patches immediately if you notice any of these. Contact your physician as soon as possible.

Nitroglycerin drug reactions

Nitroglycerin may interact with other type of vasodilator medication and alcohol. You should inform your prescriber of any other drug you are currently taking prior to starting your Nitroglycerin therapy.


Nitroglycerin available forms, composition, doses:

Capsules; Oral; Nitroglycerin 0.8 mg
Film, Extended Release; Transdermal; Nitroglycerin 0.1 mg / h
Film, Extended Release; Transdermal; Nitroglycerin 0.2 mg / h
Film, Extended Release; Transdermal; Nitroglycerin 0.2 mg / hr
Film, Extended Release; Transdermal; Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg / h
Film, Extended Release; Transdermal; Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg / hr
Film, Extended Release; Transdermal; Nitroglycerin 0.6 mg / h
Film, Extended Release; Transdermal; Nitroglycerin 0.6 mg / hr
Injectable; Injection; Nitroglycerin 0.2 mg / ml
Injectable; Injection; Nitroglycerin 1 mg / ml
Injectable; Injection; Nitroglycerin 10 mg / ml
Injectable; Injection; Nitroglycerin 5 mg / ml
Minitran 0.1 mg/hr patch2.84 USD
Minitran 0.2 0.2 mg/hr Patch0.66 USD
Minitran 0.2 mg/hr patch2.89 USD
Minitran 0.4 0.4 mg/hr Patch0.74 USD
Minitran 0.4 mg/hr patch3.24 USD
Minitran 0.6 0.6 mg/hr Patch0.74 USD
Minitran 0.6 mg/hr patch3.51 USD
Minitran 30 0.1 mg/hr Patches Box92.36 USD
Minitran 30 0.2 mg/hr Patches Box93.86 USD
Minitran 30 0.4 mg/hr Patches Box105.18 USD
Minitran 30 0.6 mg/hr Patches Box114.01 USD
Mylan-Nitro 0.4 mg/dose Metered Dose Spray0.04 USD
Nitro-Dur 0.2 0.2 mg/hr Patch0.59 USD
Nitro-Dur 0.4 0.4 mg/hr Patch0.67 USD
Nitro-Dur 0.6 0.6 mg/hr Patch0.67 USD
Nitro-Dur 0.8 0.8 mg/hr Patch1.16 USD
Nitro-Dur 30 0.1 mg/hr Patches Box106.09 USD
Nitro-Dur 30 0.2 mg/hr Patches Box105.6 USD
Nitro-Dur 30 0.3 mg/hr Patches Box120.68 USD
Nitro-Dur 30 0.4 mg/hr Patches Box117.1 USD
Nitro-Dur 30 0.6 mg/hr Patches Box130.86 USD
Nitro-Dur 30 0.8 mg/hr Patches Box130.86 USD
Nitro-bid 2% ointment0.48 USD
Nitro-dur 0.1 mg/hr patch3.4 USD
Nitro-dur 0.2 mg/hr patch3.45 USD
Nitro-dur 0.3 mg/hr patch3.87 USD
Nitro-dur 0.4 mg/hr patch3.87 USD
Nitro-dur 0.6 mg/hr patch4.19 USD
Nitro-dur 0.8 mg/hr patch4.19 USD
Nitro-time er 2.5 mg capsule0.29 USD
Nitro-time er 6.5 mg capsule0.33 USD
Nitro-time er 9 mg capsule0.37 USD
Nitroglycerin 0.1 mg/hr Patches1.64 USD
Nitroglycerin 0.3 mg tablet sl0.14 USD
Nitroglycerin 0.4 mg tablet sl0.36 USD
Nitroglycerin 0.6 mg tablet sl0.14 USD
Nitroglycerin 100 0.3 mg Sublingual Tabs Bottle22.99 USD
Nitroglycerin 100 0.6 mg Sublingual Tabs Bottle23.99 USD
Nitroglycerin 2% ointment0.17 USD
Nitroglycerin 2.5 mg capsule sa0.18 USD
Nitroglycerin 25 0.4 mg Sublingual Tabs Bottle9.5 USD
Nitroglycerin 30 0.2 mg/hr Patches Box50.44 USD
Nitroglycerin 30 0.4 mg/hr Patches Box57.62 USD
Nitroglycerin 30 0.6 mg/hr Patches Box63.55 USD
Nitroglycerin 5 mg/ml kit62.38 USD
Nitroglycerin 6.5 mg capsule sa0.22 USD
Nitroglycerin 9 mg capsule sa0.53 USD
Nitroglycerin CR 2.5 mg capsule0.47 USD
Nitroglycerin CR 6.5 mg capsule1.66 USD
Nitroglycerin CR 9 mg capsule1.27 USD
Nitroglycerin er 2.5 mg capsule0.28 USD
Nitroglycerin er 6.5 mg capsule0.72 USD
Nitroglycerin er 9 mg capsule1.0 USD
Nitrol 2 % Ointment0.64 USD
Nitrolingual 0.4 mg/spray Solution 12 gm Bottle242.83 USD
Nitrolingual 0.4 mg/spray Solution 4.9 gm Bottle141.43 USD
Nitrolingual Pumpspray 0.4 mg/dose Metered Dose Spray0.08 USD
Nitromist 400 mcg spray28.5 USD
Nitroquick 0.3 mg tablet sl0.19 USD
Nitroquick 0.4 mg tablet sl0.08 USD
Nitroquick 0.6 mg tablet sl0.08 USD
Nitrostat 0.3 mg Sublingual Tablet0.13 USD
Nitrostat 0.3 mg tablet sl0.07 USD
Nitrostat 0.4 mg tablet sl0.35 USD
Nitrostat 0.6 mg Sublingual Tablet0.13 USD
Nitrostat 0.6 mg tablet sl0.16 USD
Nitrostat 100 0.3 mg Sublingual Tabs Bottle27.75 USD
Nitrostat 100 0.4 mg Sublingual Tabs Bottle29.88 USD
Nitrostat 100 0.6 mg Sublingual Tabs Bottle24.99 USD
Nitrostat 25 0.4 mg Sublingual Tabs Bottle19.31 USD
Ntg 25 mg/250 ml in d5w0.04 USD
Ntg 50 mg/500 ml in d5w0.02 USD
Ointment; Transdermal; Nitroglycerin 2%
Rho-Nitro Pumpspray 0.4 mg/dose Metered Dose Spray0.04 USD
Tablets, Prolonged Release; Oral; Nitroglycerin 5.2 mg
Tablets; Oral; Nitroglycerin 0.5 mg
Tablets; Sublingual; Nitroglycerin 0.5 mg
Transderm-Nitro 0.2 0.2 mg/hr Patch0.71 USD
Transderm-Nitro 0.4 0.4 mg/hr Patch0.81 USD
Transderm-Nitro 0.6 0.6 mg/hr Patch0.81 USD
Trinipatch 0.2 0.2 mg/hr Patch0.59 USD
Trinipatch 0.4 0.4 mg/hr Patch0.67 USD
Trinipatch 0.6 0.6 mg/hr Patch0.67 USD

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Frequently asked Questions

Can i drive or operate heavy machine after consuming Nitroglycerin?

Depending on the reaction of the Nitroglycerin after taken, if you are feeling dizziness, drowsiness or any weakness as a reaction on your body, Then consider Nitroglycerin not safe to drive or operate heavy machine after consumption. Meaning that, do not drive or operate heavy duty machines after taking the capsule if the capsule has a strange reaction on your body like dizziness, drowsiness. As prescribed by a pharmacist, it is dangerous to take alcohol while taking medicines as it exposed patients to drowsiness and health risk. Please take note of such effect most especially when taking Primosa capsule. It's advisable to consult your doctor on time for a proper recommendation and medical consultations.

Is Nitroglycerin addictive or habit forming?

Medicines are not designed with the mind of creating an addiction or abuse on the health of the users. Addictive Medicine is categorically called Controlled substances by the government. For instance, Schedule H or X in India and schedule II-V in the US are controlled substances.

Please consult the medicine instruction manual on how to use and ensure it is not a controlled substance.In conclusion, self medication is a killer to your health. Consult your doctor for a proper prescription, recommendation, and guidiance.


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