Active ingredient: Benzyl Nicotinate

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Benzyl Nicotinate uses

Active Ingredients

Benzyl Nicotinate Alcohol 10%

Camphor 0.6%

Menthol 0.4%


External Analgesic


for the temporary relief of itching associated with insect bites and minor skin irritations.


For external use only.

Do not use

  • face or genital areas
  • on a reas of blistered or broken skin
  • with a compress after application

When using this product

do not get into eyes if contact occurs, flush eyes with water

Stop use and ask a doctor if

  • condition worsens
  • symptoms last more than 7 days or clear up and occur again within a few days.

If pregnant or breastfeeding

ask a health professional before use.

Keep out of reach of children.

If swallowed, get medical help or contact Poison Control Center right away.


  • Apply to affected area not more than 3 times daily.
  • Children under 2 years of age: do not use, ask a doctor.
  • Severe reactions to Urushiol (the chemical released by the plant, which causes the irritation) can look like chemical burns and have a thick leathery appearance. Additional applications may be necessary.

  • Test product on small patch of skin before applying to the entire body.

Other information

  • Store at room temperature.
  • You may report a serious adverse reaction to Report Reaction, LLC. PO Box 22, Plainsboro, NJ 08536-0222.

Inactive Ingredients

Water, Structure XL, Cutina GMS, Phenoxol T, Cremaphor CO 40, Butylene Glycol, Zinc Acetate, Steareth-2,

Steareth-20, Steareth 100, Proaqua ISL, Pelemol IPM, Estol 1543, Glydant Plus, Dimethicone, VE Acetate, Allantoin.

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Associated with Minor Skin

Irritations and Insect Bites

External Analgesic

Benzyl Nicotinate Cream Benzyl Nicotinate Cream

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Frequently asked Questions

Can i drive or operate heavy machine after consuming Benzyl Nicotinate?

Depending on the reaction of the Benzyl Nicotinate after taken, if you are feeling dizziness, drowsiness or any weakness as a reaction on your body, Then consider Benzyl Nicotinate not safe to drive or operate heavy machine after consumption. Meaning that, do not drive or operate heavy duty machines after taking the capsule if the capsule has a strange reaction on your body like dizziness, drowsiness. As prescribed by a pharmacist, it is dangerous to take alcohol while taking medicines as it exposed patients to drowsiness and health risk. Please take note of such effect most especially when taking Primosa capsule. It's advisable to consult your doctor on time for a proper recommendation and medical consultations.

Is Benzyl Nicotinate addictive or habit forming?

Medicines are not designed with the mind of creating an addiction or abuse on the health of the users. Addictive Medicine is categorically called Controlled substances by the government. For instance, Schedule H or X in India and schedule II-V in the US are controlled substances.

Please consult the medicine instruction manual on how to use and ensure it is not a controlled substance.In conclusion, self medication is a killer to your health. Consult your doctor for a proper prescription, recommendation, and guidiance.


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