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Rita Lee24 May 2016 22:55
I am currently taking a dragee of Daneuron a day which has helped me with neuropathy diagnosed while in Singapore three years ago. On my returned to UK my GP did not want to prescribe any medication, but as it turned out my symptoms went away. Now I have been back in Singapore since February my discomfort has returned poor circulation in my ankles, numbness in my toes and soles of my feet, sometimes unpleasant shooting pains. My local Singapore GP has again prescribed Daneuron, 1 a day, but this time I do not seem to get the same benefit as before. I feel perhaps it is the extreme heat this year that has had more effect on me as I have got older. My questions are: Can I increase the dose? Can I buy over the counter in Singapore? How to obtain in UK ? How to match the breakdown Vit B1 B12 B6 dosage of the Dankos, dragee. I believe Parma dosage is a different in Europe now. Many Thanks, Rita Lee

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