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Minims Fluorescein Sodium Sodium and Proparacaine Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution, USP (Sterile) is a sterile ophthalmic solution combining the disclosing action of Minims Fluorescein Sodium with the anesthetic action of Proparacaine Hydrochloride.

The active ingredient, Minims Fluorescein Sodium Sodium, has the chemical name Spiro [isobenzofuran-1 (3H), 9'-[9H]xanthene]-3-one, 3',6' dihydroxy-,disodium salt. It is represented by the following structural formula:

The active ingredient, Proparacaine Hydrochloride, has the chemical name Benzoic acid, 3-amino-4-propoxy-, 2-[diethylamino]ethyl ester monohydrochloride. It is represented by the following structural formula:

EACH mL CONTAINS: ACTIVES: Minims Fluorescein Sodium Sodium, USP, 0.25% [2.5 mg]. Proparacaine Hydrochloride, USP, 0.5% [5mg]; INACTIVES: Povidone, Boric Acid, Water for Injection, Sodium Hydroxide, or/and Hydrochloric Acid may be added to adjust pH.

PRESERVATIVE: Methylparaben 0.1%.

The structural formula for Minims Fluorescein Sodium Sodium The structural formula for Proparacaine Hydrochloride


This product is the combination of a disclosing agent with a rapidly acting anesthetic of short duration.

For procedures requiring a disclosing agent in combination with an anesthetic agent such as tonometry, gonioscopy, removal of corneal foreign bodies and other short corneal or conjunctival procedures.


Known hypersensitivity to any component of this product.


Avoid contamination - do not touch tip of sterile dropper used to dispense solution to any surface. Replace container closure immediately after using. Prolonged use of a topical ocular anesthetic is not recommended. It may product permanent corneal opacification with accompanying visual loss.


This product should be used cautiously and sparingly in patients with known allergies, cardiac disease, or hyperthyroidism. The long-term toxicity is unknown; prolonged use may possibly delay wound healing. Although exceedingly rare with ophthalmic application of local anesthetics, it should be borne in mind that systemic toxicity manifested by central nervous system stimulation followed by depression may occur. Protection of the eye from irritating chemicals, foreign bodies and rubbing during the period of anesthesia is very important. Tonometers soaked in sterilizing or detergent solutions should be thoroughly rinsed with sterile distilled water prior to use. Patients should be advised to avoid touching the eye until the anesthesia has worn off.



Occasional temporary stinging, burning, and conjunctival redness have been reported after use of ocular anesthetics, as well as a rare, severe, immediate-type, apparent hyper-allergic corneal reaction, with acute, intense and diffuse epithelial keratitis, a gray, ground glass appearance, sloughing of large areas of necrotic epithelium, corneal filaments and sometimes, iritis with descementitis. Allergic contact dermatitis with drying and fissuring of the fingertips has been reported.

To report SUSPECTED ADVERSE REACTIONS, contact Altaire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. at (631) 722-5988.


Usual Dosage: Removal of foreign bodies and sutures, and for tonometry, 1 to 2 drops (in single instillations) in each eye before operating.

Deep Ophthalmic Anesthesia: 1 drop in each eye every 5 to 10 minutes for 5-7 doses.

NOTE: The use of an eye patch is recommended.


Store in refrigerator at 2°-8°C (36°-46°F). Can be stored at room temperature for up to 1 month.


Minims Fluorescein Sodium Sodium and Proparacaine Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution, USP (Sterile) is supplied in a glass or plastic bottle with a controlled tip applicator in the following sizes:

5 mL fill (glass bottle) with dropper




Manufactured By:

Altaire Phamacueticals, Inc.

311 West Lane

Aquebogue, NY 119311

Tel: 631-722-5988

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Frequently asked Questions

Can i drive or operate heavy machine after consuming Minims Fluorescein Sodium?

Depending on the reaction of the Minims Fluorescein Sodium after taken, if you are feeling dizziness, drowsiness or any weakness as a reaction on your body, Then consider Minims Fluorescein Sodium not safe to drive or operate heavy machine after consumption. Meaning that, do not drive or operate heavy duty machines after taking the capsule if the capsule has a strange reaction on your body like dizziness, drowsiness. As prescribed by a pharmacist, it is dangerous to take alcohol while taking medicines as it exposed patients to drowsiness and health risk. Please take note of such effect most especially when taking Primosa capsule. It's advisable to consult your doctor on time for a proper recommendation and medical consultations.

Is Minims Fluorescein Sodium addictive or habit forming?

Medicines are not designed with the mind of creating an addiction or abuse on the health of the users. Addictive Medicine is categorically called Controlled substances by the government. For instance, Schedule H or X in India and schedule II-V in the US are controlled substances.

Please consult the medicine instruction manual on how to use and ensure it is not a controlled substance.In conclusion, self medication is a killer to your health. Consult your doctor for a proper prescription, recommendation, and guidiance.


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